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Partnership Program Licensing


Through its partnerships, Alterola seeks both in-licensing as well as out-licensing of its drug targets.

Basically, Alterola has adapted a two-tier strategy, where we can in-license a potential drug IP, develop it into a viable functional medicated chewing gum where we conduct the phase 0, phase 1 and phase 2a trials through our contract research organizations. When these trials have been passed successfully, we then out-license the product to be finalized by major pharmaceutical companies that will handle phase 2 and phase 3 trials, as well as market the drug to the end users.

Of course, Alterola will establish a partnership with the right pharmaceutical company as early as possible, with possible mile stone payments upon successful conclusion of the phase 0, phase 1 and phase 2a trials.

This licensing strategy will enable Alterola to acquire potential IPs at a relatively affordable cost, conduct the early stage clinical trials, and when these are done successfully, out-license a potential blockbuster therapeutic medicated chewing gum to big pharma. As phase 2b and phase 3 clinical trials are prohibitively expensive, this licensing strategy is a way to ensure that Alterola can work with several potential drug targets at once, rather than only one. This reduces exposure, and improves the chance of success.

"Alterola will establish a partnership with the right pharmaceutical company as early as possible"
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