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Mission Strategy Values


Alterola strives to be ethical in all its proceedings, both in regards to internal processes, towards employees, shareholders and other stakeholders in the company. Alterola believes in fair compensation to both employees and outside partners, and all research will to the fullest extent possible be environmentally conscious, carbon-dioxide neutral and involve as little testing on animals as posssible.

Alterola believes in management by objectives - objectives that are clear-cut and evident to employees, partners and investors. All collaboration with both employees and business partners should be mutually beneficial and rewarding.

All business processes are constantly evaluated to improve efficiency, ensuring the shortest time to market. Also, the processes themselves are under continued evaluation so that superfluous steps can be eliminated, leading to lower costs and more compact time frames.

Overhead is minimized, and costs are kept at a minimum in order to have a manageable burn rate, funneling the capital to where it truly matters: Alterola's research to bring successful intellectual properties to market.

Alterola’s fast-track strategy will transfer exceptional ideas and research into well-founded viable development projects, leading to a longer exclusivity period for its patents, ultimately giving the best return on its research.

"Alterola believes in management by objectives - objectives that are clear-cut and evident to both employees, partners and investors"
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