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Alterola Biotech Inc. is addressing a huge medical and health issue, as millions of people all over the world shirk from medication and beneficiary nutraceutical due to an inability to swallow pills. A study by Schwarz Pharma has shown that as much as 40% of American adults experience difficulties swallowing pills. Of those who have difficulties swallowing their medication, 14 per cent have delayed taking doses of their medication, 8 per cent have skipped a dose, and 4 per cent have discontinued using their medication entirely.

The alternative is to crush the pills and chew them or digest them with food. A gastric coating prevents the medication from being released until it reaches the small intestine. Gastric-coated medications, if not swallowed whole, can cause stomach irritation or may become inactivated by stomach acid.

There are also medications that are sustained-release, extended-release, timed-release, controlled-release, or continuous-release. Suffice to say -- if you are not swallowing these types of pills whole, you risk disrupting the intended delivery mode of medication into your bloodstream. Even when the medications are not enteric-coated or controlled-release, pills may affect your taste buds or ruin the enamel on your teeth.

And skipping doses of or entirely stopping taking prescription medicine can cause serious health issues. Easily treated minor ailments can turn into major issues. A common cold or headache or menstrual cramps become entire sick days for people who are unable to swallow common medications.
As less than a quarter of those who have difficulty swallowing their medication have ever discussed their problem with a health professional, this is a much-overlooked problem in the health care system.

"Providing a solution to meet the needs of 40% of American adults will be a multi-billion dollar opportunity"
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